Creating your Product Download Package

All AppFerret Downloads follow a standard packaging format.

The basic product package should be structured as follows:



The “readme.txt” must be a text file so that every customer will be able to read the file.

All of basic instructions should be include.  More complex instructs (if they exist) should be in the documentation folder.
e.g.:  Complex installation installation and operation instructions.  
You may also include URL links to online info, docs and support procedures.

A sample product package is available for downloading here.



The “changelog.txt” can either contain the full text of the Product Change Log, or you may include a URL that points to the online version of the Change Log.


Product Folder:
Vendor Product Files should be in this folder.

Include all of the Products: binaries, source, assets – and possibly other ZIP files can be included here.


License Folder:
Product License type and/or full license language go here.  You may also include URL links to the full license text..


Your Product Documentation including detailed Installation and Usage Instructions goes here.
You can use multiple files in any file format that you prefer: PDF, HTML, .md, etc.

For extended instructions, or for Products that are subject to frequent change, you may include URL’s.



— end —




Vendor Product Packaging

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